TIP Service Announcement – Blog Map

8 Nov

Attention - Service Announcement


Okay people, the TIP may be a publication teaming with know-how  and a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. However, we do admit some shortcomings in the sphere of social networking and blogging. We are currently trying to make every article more accessible to you, and until we have figured out a way to post the names of them under the category title on the right, we have compiled directions to all your favourite info:

Doing It In Moscow – the crazy, the random, the pub crawl overview, the interview, etc

Life Outside Of Moscow – housing reviews of other cities, which we have no time to compose at the moment.

Russian Cuisine – cooking Russkii style for all you gastronomical neophytes, easy borsch, easy plov, easy food for easy people

The Clubs – where to dance until 6 am

The Pubs – where to sit and drink until 6am

The Grub – restaurants, pubs and clubs offering food to the starved expat

TIP Service Updates – The Editor regularly broadcasts updates and apologies to virtual crusaders

The Bulletin – when you are really really bored

Uncategorized – posts not yet reorganised


If you, too, would like to know more, donate an Android Tablet and we will do our best to help you find your way around Moscow in the winter.


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