It’s snowing – it deserves a post

8 Nov

First snow of the year people, cover up if you haven’t been doing so already, bust out your boots and slip on your thermal socks, it’s time to appreciate Moscow for what she truly is: the capital of Russia!

All winter neophytes be excited, be prepared, it just gets prettier – and colder – from this point on. It’s time to start dreaming about snow drifts and Red Square ice rink, slippery streets, beef stroganoff and strong vodka. This is what it’s all about.


According to my favourite Russian students, it is not winter yet, I don’t believe them. As soon as the temperature resides stubbornly at zero or below, it is officially Christmas time – and will remain so until April. The TIP team are enormous fans of the winter wonderland – last year to celebrate their arrival in the land home to Siberia, they stumbled around like bumbling idiots in one of the many local snow drifts. 


Over the next few months, you are in for a treat, the city turns white, and brown (chemicals on the road), the river and canal freeze over, the imported workers battle relentlessly and fruitlessly against the onslaught of frozen water. You will come to love the metro like your own home, a harbour from the biting gusts of wind, the jets of hot air at the exit/entrance of each cafe will feel like absolution from God and if you have the chance to still be awake at midnight, you will be greeted by the dull hum of the Russian winter – the TIP’s favourite soundtrack to the season.


Need to know – well everybody knows the basics – good coat (the longer the better), good shoes, a good hat, good gloves, a good scarf but more importantly, good face cream. The greasier the better, it will stop your face from peeling, because, hopefully that will be the only part of you exposed! For those who fear the ice, no fear, the TIP has already prepared a guide to our favourite city. Check out the link at the bottom of the page.


And just to remind of this forthcoming winter joy or to entice you into enthusiasm, this is what awaits you!


The TIP Guide: Moscow for Pedestrians (and the brave)


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