Rock’n’Roll Bar – Indulge Your Bad Habits

7 Nov

“Don’t confuse Rock’n’Roll bar with the brothel next door”

Rock’n’roll bar was the bar to celebrate the closure of the TIP Editor’s 25 years of life experience, and celebrate we did. 2 days of heavy drinking had anaesthetised the TIP TEam to the effects of alcohol poisoning, engorged livers and pasty faces. 1 Sunday, 2 aperitifs and 1 litre of wine later, we briefly emerged from the Beverly Hills Diner to turn right – into the next bar – not the brothel which is in between – Rock’n’Roll Bar. From the first visit, the team was smitten and have returned many times since, generally sometime mid evening  to just before midnight. There is a reason for this – scroll to the food and drinks section to discover the crown jewel of this little gem.

” If you see some people feeling up the walls straddling the outhouse doorframe, don’t panic, they are looking for the non-existant light switch.”

Rock’n’roll Bar electrician

What to expect: Rock’n’Roll bar is actually quite classy. Upon entering and the usual opening-of-the-bags ritual led by every Russian bouncer, you are greeted to a stylishly decorated bar. How is this different to usual? Well the bar stools are padded (a bit) and all the wood used in the carpentry of this fair establishment is not pine varnished, but a deep mahogany (colour), coupled with dimmed lights which could potentially even turn a frog into prince charming.

“These guys know what they are doing. “

Anon, successful person who knows what they are doing

Once inside, the only question to ask yourself is “where are the toilets?” This is evidently indispensable to a good night out. Turn back and walk all the way to the entrance and hang a left, you will find the unisex waterclosets waiting for you. Even the bog lights are dimmed which can be a bit confusing the first time. If you see some people feeling up the walls straddling the outhouse doorframe, don’t worry, they are looking for the non-existant light switch. As soon as you have zipped up, come back to the bar and have a gander around the corner, you will discover the other half of the counter, a dance floor and plenty of room to accomodate your friends and family. Here they play a mixture of radio rock’n’roll, the occasional Jimmy Hendrix and all those 90’s songs that we all harbour a secret soft spot for. The joy of this bar, and a few other select places, is how openly they embrace what we could never admit to liking west of the border. The clients range from international photographers – not the really famous ones of course, to the unpretentions down-to-earth fun loving 25 year old Russians.

Beverages and refreshments: The TIP has very honestly never eaten in there, but many patrons seem to enjoy their repast which covers the general spectrum of Moscow bar menus (salads, pasta, soup, grill) which are served in stylish dishes (if you like this sort of thing).

Drink: The menu is similar, if not nearly identical to that of Cuba Libre at the bottom of the Chistie Prudy pond. Cocktails from 200rub minimum, cheapish and less cheap beer – nothing to write home about – BUT !! there is one key detail to this bar – detail which we love and we suspect you will too. Sunday to Thursday, the Rock’n’Roll bar has a very special offer. 20 cocktails for 1000rub. For those who don’t want to do the maths, that is 50rub/cocktail. The cocktails are good and all made from scratch in front of you. It will take about 10-15 minutes, but you can admire them hard at work, sweat pearling on their brow from shear effort. You can choose to receive an assortment of fancy shots and cocktails. Our recommendation is to choose the assortment the first time and then, either learn the names or just get an assortment on your next trip again. We also recommend ordering these for a maximum of 3 people if you really want to have a party. By the time you will have finished, you will be joining the other customers on the dancefloor, boogeying down – and even better, the next day, you will only have a vague recollection of this.

The service: the bar tenders are lovely, and not too hard to get a hold of. There is no adverse reaction to stuttering and grammatically incorrect Russian. In fact, they will generally respond, or try to in English without a sign of impatience or distaste. They will even tell you if your order will be 5mins late!

Conclusion: The TIP could never turn down an invite to a place which offers a great selection of cocktails for great prices with great staff and moreover, a mere 5min walk from Turgenskaya and Chistie Prudy.

Where: Just after Beverly Hills Diner (1 Sretenke Ul.) on Rozhdestvenskii Bul’var

Metro: Chistie Prudy or Trubnaya

Check out their website:

Check out their facebook:


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