The Beverly Hills Diner – America Without A Visa ?

6 Nov

Have you had your lifetime dose of pelmeni? We have an answer to your winter SAD that does not include borsch.

America Without A Visa – Beverly Hills Diner

– Girls with pompoms, boys with milkshakes – and burgers to boot! –

Olivia Newton-John

The Beverly Hills Diner is a 5min trot from the Chistie Prudy/Turgenevskaya metro – a hop, a skip and a jump away from what been referred to as “one of the best burger places in the city” – being from the land of potatoes and cabbage, I am quoting the most knowledgeable people in this area: Americans.

Tasteful, as to be imagined in Beverly Hills, the diner is a kitch 70’s style – which is a fun change from the usual wooden tables and chairs. It’s a bit like walking on to the set of Grease – you find yourself distractedly wondering if John Travolta had secretly opened this place to relive his vocalist hayday, before he went all Tarantino, with suits and silly dancing with Uma Thurman. Now close your eyes. Do remember that song, from Pulp Fiction, where they twist together with Uma – well that is the type of music they play here. Honest-to-god good old American tunes that will have you thigh slapping and finger tapping in no time. This will keep you occupied whilst waiting for service at peak time.

What to expect: on each table you will find an interesting array of napkins, sauces, and a non descript contraption that for all intents and purposes, looks absolutely useless. As it happens, there are 3 buttons at the bottom of this thing. One to call the staff, one to get the bill and the other one to cancel the call. This is all very fine and dandy but here at the TIP, being slightly childish, with a touch of ADHD, after 2 attempts at pressing the right button and enough arm waving to attract a scout for the special Olympics, I pressed on all the buttons, many times. Life went on without me. It wasn’t that important because they give the menu when you sit down so you have some reading to do – the choice is phenomenal.

Had enough of Moscow this week?

Working too hard?

Not working hard enough?

Splash some cash in the diner, the patent red and white leather booths will make it feel

like a well deserved pre- Christmas treat. 

Food and drinks: the food menu is huge – huge enough that the whole wait was spenting head scratching over what burger to have. They also offer a vast array of salads, sandwiches, bagels, hot appetizers, mexican food, soups, vegetarian food – all American style , this is like the ultimate comfort food hang out. Had enough of Moscow this week? Working too hard? Not working hard enough? Splash some cash in the diner, the patent red and white leather booths will make it feel like a well deserved pre- Christmas treat. We both opted for the Gourmet Burger – which allows you to choose 2 of 4 ingredients (cheese or blue cheese, or bacon or something else) on top of the rest of the burger set up. Incidentally, we both chose bacon and blue cheese sauce – of course – and a bottle of wine. Yes, wine in a diner, Californian wine too. You can also choose a very large glass of “soda” or an even bigger milkshake – they have about 12 flavours to choose from! Average meal is going to set you back 500rub, a milk shake about 250rub (tbc, all the menu on their website), 1ltr of drinkable Californian red wine 1000rub, cheese cake 250rub.

The service:  

Peak time: The wine arrived – it was not a bottle but a litre – much to our amusement considering it was a Sunday evening and a long day of work was waiting for us. The burgers were some what long in arriving but a polite member of staff came and apologised for the delay. The burgers arrived without bacon but with american cheese. Again, the same member of staff, upon careful examination of the claim and my fingers in the blue cheese sauce, agreed and returned with a bacon blue cheese burger. I would have liked the American cheese in there too – but we got what we ordered so they are forgiven.

Not Peak Time: like Wednesday at 4pm. This is the time to go and get some work done – it is very quiet and the staff will attend to you with all the due attention expected of an American Diner. Drinks arrive promptly and food is the usual waiting time – the bill may even be faster than usual.

The bonus: every 30min or so, all the female members of staff are obliged to bust out the pompoms and do a ridiculous dance routine – entertainment points were definitely acquired. Imagine 7 waitresses in halloween costumes bopping around with pompoms – only 5 know the routine the other two waving their arms around and making no attempt to mimic their colleagues – creating what can only be described as a joyous rainbow of desynchronized two stepping. Yeah Baby!

So, America Without A Visa? Don’t know, the TIP never got that far – But it gets a thumbs up, we just wish they had corndogs!

Where: Сретенка 1, Sretenka 1

Metro Chistie Prudy

Check them out here:


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