The Chinese Fighter Pilot – Китайский лётчик

24 Oct

Contrary to appearances, the Chinese Fighter Pilot is not a short story courtesy of the TIP team – but a bar – well, bar/restaurant/live gig/hang out spot in the oh-so-very-central Kitai Gorod; a mere stone throw away from nearly every other bar reviewed.

“A pub crawl is in order”

The Editor

A bar that makes you want to drink

The Chinese Fighter Pilot, which I will call the CFP for the sake of my fingers and stamina, is THE place to start an evening out on the town.

The bar: It has an cosy and relaxed atmosphere with polite staff and of course a coat check.  The CFP is divided into 2 parts on concert nights. To the right, you will never be charged to enter, and inside you will find a tight set arrangement of tables and a mixture of eclectic yet unassuming chairs and stools to choose from. If you walk through the first section you will come to the bar and a homely threesome of booths, more often than not, occupied by either 2 people (instead of six) or people with shiny new mac computers and big nerdy glasses (in the most cool way). The staff here are polite and will find you a table if you wait patiently at the bar. On concert nights, it can get very busy but never overly raucous or uncouth. As the furniture, this area is laid back, perfect for catching up after a hard week’s work or warming up over a few beers before heading to the party places.

On the left of the entrance, you will find the gig area. The bar is made from a fighter plane wing and the lay out is more bar like, more efficient and easier of access. There is a cover charge on concert nights, generally about 300rub, but having never been to one, I will not advise on the quality of bands or sound engineering. The bar looks good and appears to be well stocked with various brands and types of alcohol.

Food and drink: the usual bar/restaurant stuff, salads, chips, meat… nothing out of the ordinary, averagely priced (250/300rub). The alcohol, lots of whiskeys, and strong liqueurs, minimal beer selection but generally always well stocked in Amstel (155rub/500cl) and Bochkaref (120rub/500cl). What else, cocktails for about 190rub and a selection of wine both bottle and by the glass.

The people: laid back intellectual/arty people with computers and books, international expats in small quantities (Germans, Swedish, Americans, English), normal people. Once I even met someone there on a Friday night about 11pm, reading Chekhov “The Seagull” whilst enjoying a beer and cigarette. And this is a story I will spread amongst children for generations and generations.

The staff: generally friendly, most of them speak a little English and even enjoy when foreigners trying to speak Russian! As usual, a bit hard to get a hold of if you are not at the bar, even then, they can be quite elusive. The bouncers on the door will generally try direct you to the concert, so you should point to the right and they will let you through.

Conclusion: The TIP would definitely recommend this place for a laid back weekday evening or a warmer before going out on the town. The atmosphere is propitious to amicable chats, philosophy discussions, cultural debates and intimate conversations. This is the place to get all the talking done over a few drinks before heading to the next bar to get all the dancing, picking up, and drunkenness accomplished. Address and contacts below

Address: – Metro Kitai Gorod *warning, The Chinese Fighter Pilot is in the basement of a building, you will recognise the corrugated iron which serves as a porch to the sub-road level entrance. Watch out for the last step on your way down, it’s a lot bigger than you think it is!

Лубянский проезд, 25/12 1, г. Москва, Russia
8 (495) 623-28-96


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