TIP Hiatus, “the KGB is NOT to blame”

16 Oct

Finding the stories where they are, TIP journalist hard at work

declares disgraced editor.

Following a 6 month hiatus, the TIP team have resurfaced, battered and exhausted from the unplumbed depths of Russki culture. However, despite their yellowish glow and the inevitable hairloss, the team contentedly reassures the awaiting swarms of TIP afficionados that their adventures down the Vodka valley rapids aboard their improvised flotation device, affectionately nickhamed the “Zakuzka”, have left them no worse for wear. ” Thank you all for your patience, we are very happy to be back and get down to work … Rapsutin didn’t kill himself you know, davei ! ”
Admission of guilt or ethanol induced hallucination, who knows? Yet, as always the TIP team, their return is as unspectacular as their return is manly … and hairy, not to mention the sweat.

TIP forever!


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