Family Bulletin #3 (I think)

13 May

Hi all,

I know it’s been a while 🙂 You know me, I’m like a fly in a sandstorm, I get up in things 🙂 But hey no news is good news, if you apply this statement to anybody else it may be true… to myself, considering past events, it may not be as true… but I am all grown up and responsible now, and I would like to continue believing this so please, no scathing emails in return… although, it would actually be nice to recieve an email from time to time… and not just messages saying “we are waiting for your email” … communication is a two way thing you know 🙂 I would potentially encourage you to email me before calling me also as I am out and about a lot and I need to plan to be at home at the right time, or to tell you when I will be there (it takes about 45min to get my flat to the centre so I waste a lot of time just wandering around, not aimlessly though… if only I had time too, it would be heaven!)

weather here is awesome, a constant 20-22 degrees, everywhere is green, it hasn’t properly rained in ages and even then it only rained a few times…
I have been working v. v. hard, making “lots” of money, well at least trying to save some… life can be hell, I spend 3-4 hours a day travelling, about 1 1/2h of those powerwalking my way to lessons… Keeping me very busy! I have been teaching myself russian and doing relatively well considering I have only been here 3 months:. I can now:
-talk my way out of the police cell in the metro, with the police. Don’t ask me how I got there, cos I still don’t know why. They may have thought I was frauding the metro, so I got a full body and bag search, plus a quick flick through my lessons (I was on my way to work of course) where I was obviously hiding some plastic explosives … Anyways they eventually let me go so all’s well that ends well
-I can flag down a random car, negotiate and get them to bring me home, even after a night out at 6am, still recovering from the vodka . But don’t worry, I only drink good vodka 😀 and I always go for the shitty 1970 soviet cars where there is no central locking, so at worst, I can always just hurl myself from the vehicle…
Yeah that’s pretty much it, but I figure if I can do that, I must be fluent at least… if not more.
I have however resigned myself to my fate and hired a private teacher because there are only so many situations with taxi drivers and police and my conversational russian is basic. Actually, basically crap may be more appropriate…
Teaching is going well, I am occasionally sceptical on how much I teach my students, but now that they have mastered the words “spastic”, “boobs”, “bollocks” and “mental”, as well as the difference between ale, lager and stout, they are good to go (to Rotherham).
A part from that, life is pretty much like anywhere, just in Russian … I am planning a weekend outside of moscow with mates soon. What an adventure it will be. We are getting the train, will be a nice change from the metro 😉
I have installed software called Oovoo. It”s like skype, just less crap.



One Response to “Family Bulletin #3 (I think)”

  1. fuck off October 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    frauding? That isn’t even a word. And you are an English teacher? :/

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