Important – Weather Forecast – осторожно – ПОГОДА

30 Apr

The Sun has sprung upon winter like a horny billy goat to a bearded baboushka. Indeed hard to believe but the winter has waned and the summer waxed in this wily battle for the Russian wilderness. Two months previous, we were but midgets in this icy motherland of Matrioshkas, today we blossom in the beguiling blueness of the blunt sun.

The winners of this season’s poetry competition are Jean Intonik (52 yo, Krasnoyarsk) for the adult competition with Ode to Father Frost and Lily Posukshun (8 yo, Novosibirsk) for Sun and Game.

Ode to Father Frost

Farewell deserted streets and desert soils,

Farewell O brown chemical we loved so much,

Farewell icy paths and ice ridden toils

Farewell O frozen ground we loved to touch,

With our frosty buttocks and ice laden frocks.

Jean Intonik

Sun and Game

The sun is here

It’s time for beer

And shooting deer

Fun in the park

Until it’s dark

And invisible is death’s mark

Lily Posukshun


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