Family Bulletin n.1 [extracts]

21 Jan

For all and sundry (?, that may not exactly be the right word, but hey, it’s not as if I have certificate saying I can teach, and therefore speak English at a satisfactory level :).

Moving on, I have now obtained my living and work address and am happy to inform you that I will also have access to a landline (don’t know the number yet) should you want to call! As well as internet, and maybe even Skype if I figure out how to work it.

My flatmate has sent me a map with directions to the local pancake shop (FYI BLINI in Russian) . She has told me where everything is and I am getting picked up from the airport by a taxi that my boss sorted out. They will even have a sign and they will also ask the nice russian neighbour to give me the key, because I can’t ask for it.

As for preparations, I have the bag, I just haven’t packed it yet (nothing unusual there). I also tried to book my flights, but my card was refused on the internet so I’ll try figure something out when I get down to London, can’t be too hard to get a flight can it?

Just kidding!!! I have booked my flight and my train to get to London, all I need to sort out now is the hostel but that’s pretty easy after everything I have had to do just to get a visa! I have also now obtained those elusive Russian Rubles and will be collecting them tomorrow.

And finally, I have invested in a russian-english dictionary, a plastificated (?!) map, a phrasebook, a terrible mini Moscow guide and I can ask for the toilets (Gdye toilets?) and be understood! So, chaps, it looks like everything is pretty much sorted (well apart from the fact that I went to get my phone unblocked/unlocked and the effers broke it. It just stopped working and they refused to reimburse me, so I ended up having to buy a new phone, not from them of course, but they did have the cheek to try sell me a new one.

Nevertheless, unless karma is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t go to Russia, I am guessing that once I have managed to wade through this onslaught of crap (I bet you are all appreciating my delicate writing style and wondering where you went wring with this one  :D), it’s going to be pretty amazing!

And to finish, I have copy pasted some words from future flatmates most recent email which should appease your agitated spirits, (well sort of):

But if it comforts them any, when my parents found out I was going back to Russia the second time I decided to live here, they were so happy that I was going to be ‘somewhere safe’!! It can be intimidating I suppose – remember that noone smiles… – but it’s a fantastic country really, and no more dangerous than any city. Probably safer than London.”

Lots of love,



PS: If, for whatever reason, you decide to report me missing again, please take a second, remember that I am in MOCKBA!



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