19 Jan

About two of the above words are actually incorrect, for lack of a better word (such as lie). I am neither back, nor popular, but there was a demand, and by demand, I mean whining. The real title should probably go like this:


Yes, you’ve got it, this blog will inevitably be filled with quite a bit of enjoyable nonsense for you to fill your pretty little heads with… Much better than studies, work or, dare I say, yes, yes I do, sex.

I digress, I do that a lot, but you’ll get used to it. This blog is the love child of jealousy and my own sense of self importance (as is my French one) and I am guessing that if you are reading this, you probably know me, most likely you do like me, or you did at least.

1 year and 4 months in Sheffield, I haven’t made many English speaking friends, and even less native English speaking friends, but I have made enough friends to be able to irritate them by constantly whittling on about how we do things in France and how good French food is (it is , it really is!).However, funnily enough, it is not my French food snobbishness that has been the most criticised, but the fact that my facebook wallposts are nearly all in the language of love.

Well that, and the fact that I love to speak French, and will do so at any opportunity, even to those who don’t understand… oblivious to everybody else’s non French speaking talents. Because, honestly, there is nothing better than talking to someone in a foreign language when they don’t understand. While you talk, you can tell their mind is processing the information by stages:

1- The “You shot my mother” Bambi look: wide eyed disbelief

2- The “I learned French at school” look: strained eye sockets popping stare

3- The “I give up, just take my wallet and wrist watch” look: flitting and untrusting left to right and right to left eye movements

4- The “F*** off and shag a sheep/aberdeen angus/chav” look: bald patch, because they have already turned on heel and fled

Back to the point, although it hasn’t escaped my notice that there actually was no real point to get to, well at least not explicitly named… The point being, because there was actually a point behind this, I just didn’t mention it, the point being that this was supposed to be an introduction to THE INTERNATIONAL POTATO (the PENIS CLUB had already been claimed unfortunately, non TESOLers, this does not mean what you think it means) and not just an excuse for a good ould rant.

Point Being:

THE INTERNATIONAL POTATO is here to irregularly inform you of my trials and errors in that cold cold country we call South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Russia, yeah that’s the one. At a guess, at least 50% of the content will be lies, the other half photos of me.

So for the the moment

The INTERNATIONAL POTATO, a.k.a The TIP wishes you a good day, evening, argument or any other random event that may occur within the next 4 hours, innit?!


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